Covid-19 Policy and Operational Plan 

 September 2020



Please DO NOT attend the session if you or a member of your household has:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

NB The above will be checked on entry, by the Forest School Leader. 


On Entry - Hand sanitiser tree station  

All adults and children to use the hand sanitiser provided on the tree, before entering the basecamp area. 




Kit bags 

These will contain equipment you will need to enjoy the session (I will also have spares of most things so just ask if you need anything else). 


Please note each kit bag also has PPE for your use during the session: a bottle of hand sanitiser, some anti-bacterial wipes and disposable gloves. Please keep your kit bag with you during the sessions, so these items can be accessed as required during the session.


Please return these at the end of the session ready for cleaning. 



PPE will be provided in your kit bags and at various stations around the site (jugs in trees) 


When in the tool area, mud kitchen and digging areas the children must either wear gloves (disposable type) OR use hand sanitiser prior to using the tools OR an adult must wipe down any items touched. 

NB normal rules apply with regard to wearing work gloves whilst using tools (disposable gloves underneath).


When using the tyre swing/hammocks the children must either wear gloves (disposable type) OR use hand sanitiser prior to using them. 


The Forest school leader will use a vizor if a 2 metre distance can’t be maintained e.g. if administering first aid or assisting with tools



If you or your child uses the toilet during the session, please wipe the lid down (if it has been touched) with your wipes from the kitbag. 


Campfire snack time 

One adult will be designated to make hot drinks. Biscuits and fruit will be handed out in a paper/plastic bag. 

The Forest School Leader will prepare and cook the campfire snack.

These designated adults will wash their hands/use hand sanitiser before any preparation begins.

The forest school leader will wash hands with soap prior to lighting the fire (removing any potentially flammable hand sanitiser). 


Handwashing and signage

There will be additional signage around the sight re social distancing, washing (sanitising) hands and using gloves.

There are two tippy taps on-site for hand washing. Where possible they will contain warm water. 


Social distancing

Please note that this cannot be guaranteed for the under 5 year olds during the session. 

Adults should aim to maintain a social distance of 2 metres between themselves and other households attending the session. 


To comply with latest guidance 14/09/2020 no more than two families may be at the same station eg mud kitchen 


The log circle has been made larger to adhere to social distancing rules, each family group allocated a bench to sit on/store any bags. 



Updated 11/09/2020 


TERMS AND CONDITIONS 2020 - Under 5s Club 

For Covid 19 policy and procedure (scroll down)


Arrival and Departure from Oakwood Forest School

On arrival, the Forest School Leader (Amy Leeke) will meet you at base camp and register your child/ren. 


A parent / responsible adult must attend the session with their child. 


Parking – there is parking space by the big barn. 


The gate is kept shut during session times. 



Bookings are taken in advance of sessions via the website



The Scandinavians have it right: “No such thing as bad weather,” they say, “only the wrong clothes.”

You need to provide your child with appropriate footwear e.g. stout shoes or boots, plus weather appropriate clothing AND a waterproof outer layer (top and bottom). Tops and t-shirts should be long sleeved and long trousers (even in the summer) this is provide protection from stinging nettles and insects.

A pair of gardening/work gloves are also recommended.

You are advised to provide a spare set of clothes for your child.

Please note that Oakwood Forest School accept no liability for dirty or torn clothing. 



The Forest School Leader holds a current paediatric first aid certificate. 

It is very important that you provide us with any medical information about you and your child on your child’s registration form. 


If your child requires medication (for example, an asthma inhaler or an epi-pen) then it is your responsibility to ensure they have their medication with them during the session. 


Any information you give us will be treated in strict confidence, and will not prejudice the inclusion of your child in any activity. It is in the interests of your child that you give us full and accurate information.



Please apply any sun protection cream and insect repellent (if desired) before the session starts. 



Our handling of all information provided to us during booking will comply with the GDPR May 2018.  We will not sell or disclose your personal details to any other agencies. We will not contact if you have requested this and you have agreed we will only contact you about other Oakwood Forest School events. 


NB We will provide your contact details to a third party for covid-19 track and trace purposes ONLY (if required to do so).



The session includes a snack and hot chocolate for all children (and adults!).

Please bring any drinking water with you to the session as there is no drinking water available in the woods. 



Photographs and video footage may be taken of the children during activities, for use solely by Oakwood Forest School for promotional purposes, i.e. use on social media/ websites/leaflets/press releases etc.

When images are used for promotional purposes, only the image will be used, and no personal information will be issued. 

Please let Oakwood Forest School know in writing if you DO NOT want your child’s photograph to be used for the above purposes. 



In the unlikely event that we cancel an event we’ll schedule another session in lieu. This will only happen in the event of extreme weather conditions or other events beyond our control. See weather. 



If you cancel your block booking:

more than 3 weeks notice – you get a full refund 

between a week and 3 weeks notice– you will be offered another block in lieu

less than a week notice– you will not be entitled to a refund or any sessions in lieu


We do not normally issue refunds for missed sessions due to illness including covid-19. However, it is at the Forest School Leaders discretion to offer another session for your child, on an alternative day, in lieu. 



The safety of your child is paramount, therefore, sessions will not run if strong or gale force winds are predicted for any part of the day or if the Forest School Leader decides it is unsafe to be in the woods e.g storms, torrential and/or heavy rain/hail/snow etc are forecast. In these circumstances we will make a decision to cancel on the previous day. We will inform parents/guardians by email and text using the information you supply at booking. We will also put a note on the Oakwood Forest School Facebook page. Sorry, we do not offer refunds for bad weather cancellations.

If unpredicted high winds or storms or torrential rain/hail/snow start to develop during a session then we will exit the woodland. Sorry, we do not offer refunds or days in lieu for cancellations due to lightning/high winds developing during the session. 


HEALTH AND SAFETY  (see policy in handbook)


Children remain your responsibility at all times during the session. 



Children should not bring any tools with them, any tools will be provided and when not in use kept in a safe place.  


Toileting considerations 

The site is rural and there is no toilet!  However, the children may have a ‘wild wee’ in a designated area. There is also a camping style toilet available for the children to use and it is situated in a tent. There is also water and soap available for handwashing in this area.


Personal Protective Equipment

Children must wear appropriate clothing (see ‘clothing’ above) and adhere to Oakwood’s policies and procedures regarding tool use and campfires and cooking.



Oakwood Forest School encourages positive behaviour. In the very unlikely event that your child behaves in some way that compromises their own safety or another child/adult’s safety, we’ll ask you to remove them from the site immediately (please refer to our Behaviour Policy) 



From September 2020, there are extra precautions in place which you must adhere to during the session. A copy of the operational policy and plan will be given to each family to read through prior to attending. Please see below. 


Copies of all policies and procedures can be found in the Oakwood Forest School Handbook