Forest Phonics Sessions


These sessions are aimed at pre-school aged children aged 4 (or rising 4yr olds)

Letter sounds will be introduced in a systematic way (using the Letter and Sounds synthetic phonics approach)

There will be opportunities to practise forming letters the Forest Phonics way e.g. mud writing, stick writing and chalking

Sessions may include rhyme, alliteration, tricky words, blending and segmenting skills too

The session will be initially be adult led (e.g. introducing new sounds and re-capping) and the latter part of the session child led

These will be fun sessions and all learning will take place through play and will be  outdoors

Parents must remain on site during the sessions (younger siblings welcome to attend with their sibling)

Sessions will be booked in blocks

The group size will be limited

There will be a specific area in the woodland for Forest Phonics sessions


What happens during a typical session?

New letter sound introduction and games/activity to reinforce (adult led) followed by

25 mins child led activities based on letter sounds introduced outdoors in the woodland


Example session for the introduction of ‘s’

Teacher led - All children feel the wooden letter ‘s’ and practise saying sssssssss , then have a go at forming s in the air, with a stick in the mud, in a chalk board etc

Play sorting game with real objects some beginning with the s sound eg snake, sausage and some not

Child led - example activities could be; I spy around the woods, find all the s letters  amongst the leaves in the tuff tray, play dough - letter formation, a variety of sound sorting/matching games


Letter progression

s a t p

l n m d

g o c k

Ck e u r

h b f,ff l,ll ss

j v w x

Y z,zz qu


Sessions will be taught by Amy Leeke a qualified teacher with over 20 years teaching experience.